Tender Analysis Report

What does a Tender Analysis Report achieve?

An AQSA tender analysis report enables a developer to achieve value for money whenever they decide to procure within the building and construction industry services.

Generally speaking, AQSA recommends that a tender evaluation process with weighted criteria should be adopted to determine the tender that offers the best value.

AQSA can advise on an appropriate system of weighting the selection criteria to compare tenders and identify the tenderer with the best performance record in terms of time, cost and value for money.

AQSA uses the following principles as a guide for establishing the weighted criteria:

Selection criteria is intended to assess the competence of the tendering organisations to achieve the required project outcome and are used to rate each of the tenderers, the following are typical examples of selection criteria used by AQSA;

AQSA notes that the chosen selection criteria needs to be relevant to the project, the criteria must be able to be evaluated in a meaningful way and scored accordingly