Estimating Construction Costs

There are typically five different levels of estimates throughout the design phases, AQSA can advise on the cost effect of various design options throughout these different phases and considers this one of the more effective methods to maintain construction budgets.

Level 1 - Order of magnitude
This is a feasibility type estimate that is based on historical information for similar projects. It is a high level estimate, based on costs per m², number of rooms, seats etc

Level 2 - Conceptual Design
An estimate at this level may be used to price various design schemes in order to see which design best fits the budget

Level 3 - Design Development
Provides a greater level of accuracy, due to availability of a more defined and detailed design

Level 4 - Construction Documents
Estimates are typically based on construction documents not less than 90% complete. This level of estimate ensures there is sufficient funding in place before tendering the works

Level 5 - Tendering Phase
These estimates are based on 100% completed design and would be used as a basis to evaluate the Contractors tender and change orders during construction